Hello and welcome to Software Watchdog. Software watchdog is your one stop shop, where you can come if you are thinking about investing in a new piece of software for your home or office computer.


How many times have you purchased a new software program, loaded it onto your computer, then 6 months later you find it doesn't do the task you had actually thought it did, it was full of bugs and caused your computer to crash, or even worse was full of spyware or malware that has been tracking your every move since installation.


If you can associate with the frustration that illegitimate or buggy software causes, then you need to read on!


Finally, there's a website that gives honest, straight-to-the-point reviews and analysis of popular software titles. We don't own the software we review, so we are in the perfect position to offer honest advice, including the pro's and con's of specific software.


The truth is that most people don't really know alot about software, how it works, what makes good software, can I ask for a refund if I'm not satisfied....... Most people have to stick with the big brands, Microsoft, Adobe etc... Because that's all they know, they know these companies sell alright software, they know these companies won't ruin their computer. This lack of knowledge means that most people miss out on tons of great software, software that comes at a fraction of the big name brand software. The reviews in Software Watchdog empower you to make educated decisions and find the software most suitable for your situation.


Gone are the days of choosing between MS Word and Notepad. These days the range of software on offer is amazing, from the most basic two step software to complex software programs, that turns a 5 hour task into a 5 minute task.


Whether you are looking for software for your home computer, for your office computer, or are looking to kit out a staff of 200 computers, the guessing game is over. Before you purchase, take 5 minutes to search SoftwareWatchdog.net and read what we have to say about your particular software. Just by spending 5 minutes reading our reviews you can save yourself 100's of dollars by learning what software to avoid, what software does exactly what you need, and even some better alternatives to the software you had in mind.



Why Do We Offer Free Software Advice And Reviews?

The idea for Software Watchdog was born one evening at 11.30 pm. After spending 3 or so frustrating hours trying to uninstall dodgy, expensive software I thought to myself "I wish there was a website that tells me what software will work, and what software to avoid," I had a look around the net (to no avail), and I knew it was up to me. I spent the next few months putting together reviews of some popular software. And what I found was astounding..... The software with the big name behind it isn't always the most comprehensive, value for money option. Time after time I found buggy software, with a no-returns refund policy. Since that fateful night, Software Watchdog has slowly grown to be the fantastic resource it is today, and we decided to offer our advice absolutely free to you, so you can make the best, most informed decision about your future software purchases.